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We're hiring providers.

We're looking for talented providers, Can you deliver gas, provide a jump start or a tow professional.

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Need roadside help? Get GetResqued!

Towing - Out of gas - Lockout - Flat tire - Dead battery

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We are GetResqued

This is how we roll

Why Get ResQued?

It was a hot and sticky holiday weekend in Chicago when Jane and I decided to drive along Lake Michigan to enjoy the views. Ten minutes into the journey on Lake Shore Drive (LSD) Jane's vehicle began shaking and soon came to a relentless halt. We quickly flipped on the Emergency lights but can hear other drivers honking and yelling profanities. We looked and smiled at each other realizing they are just typical Chicagoans on a hot summer day.

After arm-breaking push of the disabled vehicle to the shoulder, Jane mentioned that her Roadside Assistance program can be contacted for help. This will be her first time using the service so we kept our fingers crossed. Two and half hours went by with no one answering the 1-800 number as we disparately continued leaving messages.

On the third hour, a tow truck drove by and stopped alongside us at the shoulder. The operator told us he was on his way to lunch and asked if we needed assistance. He also asked why not contact any service providers (like him) directly or call the Motor-club? Without flying off the handle, we responded with a smile advising the operator we've been doing so in the past hours without success. After a handshake and business card exchange we were soon back on the road enjoying our drive on LSD.

Then it suddenly snapped - "Why did we continued calling Roadside Assistant customer service/dispatcher when they failed to pick-up or return our calls?". Second, "Why not directly contact available operators/service providers and get immediate service on our own?"

The event triggered conversations and research with the insurance, roadside assistance and tow companies. Our research & development enabled us to bring you the ResQue App at ensuring no one should be stranded on a lonely road feeling helpless.

Our ResQue app is designed for drivers to identify available service providers in real time nearby when stranded on the road. Service providers within the driver's area are instantly notified when driver submits a service request, it's that simple! So whether you're planning a road trip, commuting to/from work or just cruising around, take ResQue App with you and enjoy the open road.

  • Driver Creates a Request

    The ResQue App allows drivers to create and submit a service request for the following needs:

    -Tow (Wheel Lift or Flatbed)

    -Out of Gas


    -Flat Tire

    -Dead Battery
  • Service Provider Accepts Request

    Service providers/operators in the area receive request notification and can accept or decline it. Once accepted and on way, the driver is notified.
  • Rendered Service

    When service provider completes the requested service he/she waits for another service request notification from area. Operator can also toggle to 'Off-Duty' and not be notified of service request.

Get GetResqued


Download our ResQue App for free. Driver and Service Providers (Operators) share the same network.


When you need roadside assistance whether it'll be tow, fuel, lock out or flat tire, submit a request and Service Provides near you will be notified for immediate assistance


How great it is to be able to get back on the road without long wait time and frustration!

Service stats

Towing (40%)
Battery replacement(13%)
Jump start (8%)
Lockout (7%)
Out of gas (22%)
Flat Tire (10%)

We're hiring providers.

We're looking for talented service providers, Can you provide gas delivery, jump start or a operator that can provide all services.

Core Features

Great features, great product!

Fully Optimized

ResQue mobile app was developed to fit onto any mobile device.

Free Support

Contact us for any technical matters, we will be happy to assist you.

Free Upgrades

Once you download the ResQue app, upgrade will be automatically updated while you are asleep.

99.9% Uptime

GetResQueed app is developed to run on your mobile device continuously and is available for use on demand.

GetResqued Network

Both driver and operator (Service Providers) are monitored and tracked when service is submitted and accepted.

Travel without worries

Make all your trips safe and fun when you join our ResQue network!

Free to Join - Free to Use

Our ResQue App is free to use!

Free = $0.00

Always Free to Use!

  • Free for Drivers to use
  • Free for Service Providers to use
  • It's Free to use, charges are negotiated between provider and driver.
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What's not Free :

Service rendored to driver is not free / Driver and operator should always discuss and confirm service fee before confirming transaction.

Drive Safe & NEVER Text and Drive!

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